Empowering Connection
Through Technology

Hi, I'm

Maziar Sadri

I work with individuals, startups, and enterprises to build great digital products. I enjoy working at the cutting-edge of innovation & have a passion for creating more connection through technology.

My specialties are: Business strategy for monetization of existing products, Product design for new Initiatives, Startup and Blockchain Investments.

The examples of my work below speak for themselves. Get in touch if I can help to grow your idea or business into its next evolution.

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I've contributed to these companies in capacities ranging from Founder to Product Manager, Software Architect to Advisor. In my experience, the best results are achieved in collaborative, multidisciplinary teams.

und transparent

Cofounded Unification and continuing to lead Product. Designing blockchain solutions to enterprise challenges including: providing predictable cost & speed of secure and efficient data immutability.

Unification offers rapidly deployable blockchain tools to enterprises.

PAC trans

Designed flow of scattered, centralized datasets into immutable transparent records. Researched key incident sources and led development team with an open-contribution policy. Integrated PAC with the Unification Mainchain as well as IPFS backup.

PAC is a framework for incorruptible record-keeping of public interest. It's first implementation addresses police accountability.

coworker transparent

Developed the strategy & plan to awaken & catalyze Coworker's dormant powerhouse. Expanded from a single product / revenue stream, to a multi-faceted business model. Implemented the Global Pass allowing universal access across 1000+ coworking spaces worldwide.

Coworker is a fast-growing startup as the world’s largest coworking & flexible office marketplace 

cps transparent2


Advisor to Charged Particles during the launch of their first-to-market products DeFi interest-bearing NFT products.

Charged Particles is the first protocol transforming Non-Fungible Tokens into token-holding assets

little heroes transparent

 Worked with Little Heroes to expand from a single revenue-model, to multiple divisions and monetization streams. Created their product roadmap and developed their business strategy. This included their content roadmap, fundraising strategy, and Little Heroes Ambassadors.

Little Heroes creates visual learning aid products for super parents to help their little ones embrace basic daily routines and healthy habits.


Marketing Team Lead and Senior Product Manager. Planned & developed future integrations in Mail, Mobile & Web Platforms. Grew Yahoo Messenger’s audience by over 50%. (From 60M to 90M+)

Yahoo! Messenger was an advertisement-supported instant messaging client and associated protocol provided by Yahoo!

SB trans

Designed & managed the Skybuilder product to create profitable SMB and Niche Apps.

Skybuilder is a suite of software tools to create apps in minutes with NoCode.

smartmat transparent2

Founder and Software Architect of SmartMat. Led the front and back-end software teams while integrating with the hardware team to bring an innovative product from concept to working beta prototypes.

SmartMat was the world's first implementation of an intelligent yoga mat.


Developed a new blockchain consulting practice for ProductPerfect's Enterprise consultancy. This expanded their product offerings to include untapped revenue streams.

ProductPerfect is a software product design lab focused exclusively on backend, enterprise applications.


Conceived and launched Finchains: the first WRKChain product on the Unification blockchain. Integrated 15 oracles, 73 price pairs, and a data discrepancy tool. Established a product roadmap, beginning with cryptocurrency prices and leading to equities, energy and FX markets.

Finschains provides an immutable record of historical asset prices that offers transparency and highlights data discrepancies.


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Get in touch if you'd like to speak about how I can help to grow your idea or existing business. 


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